Friday, 11 October 2013

Smothered in style?!

Since moving into Hamby Home(in)stead I've been pondering a solution for the large front "garden". 

Actually, it's not so much a garden as a ring of rocks around a number of grevillea and rosemary bushes - and one nectarine tree.  You would think the rocks might prevent the grass and weeds from over-running the "garden". 

Nope.  No such luck.

Our landlady visited recently and used round-up on the grass inside the rocks.  It has died off  but some particularly hardy weeds remain.  We were talking to a fellow today who referred to it as marshmallow weed.  I can assure you there is nothing soft and fluffy about it!

Encouraged by yesterday's rain, Erin and I started to clear a section of the front garden today.  We only managed to reclaim a small area but it's a start.  Later in the afternoon, Vaughan dug two holes and helped plant my chosen ground cover, suggested by a Bunnings staff member who assured me it would "smother" the grass and weeds.  Bring on the suffocation, I say! 

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