Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Recycling the news(papers) ...

We don't get much junk mail.  Nick sometimes picks up discarded newpapers from work, which are used for fire-lighting (and lining the bottom of Keegan's cage).

I was lucky to find a few sheets of paper to try these origami seedling pots.  Vaughan and I followed some YouTube instructions and soon had completed several pots each, grinning at our success!

I made quite a few more pots while watching a David Attenborough documentary, before my modest newspaper supply ran out.  Our local library generously donated more newspaper to the cause last night - that is, the librarian was happy for us to rat through the recycling bin and take what we wanted! 

I found quite a few seed packets when sorting through some boxes this week - and discovered some potting mix in the storage container too.  My plan is to use items on hand and start off some seeds (from packets or saved from other vegetables), while waiting for the garden fence (and garden) to be constructed.

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