Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The grass IS greener!

What a difference (almost) six months makes!  The  paddocks were super-dry when we arrived.  There were deep cracks in the ground too. 

Many people said the grass would grow when the rains came.  It is fair to say we were ... sceptical!  It did happen though.  Eventually. 

The rains took longer than the oft-quoted three months but now we have green grass.  Far too much of it!

Nick has been mowing sections with our hand mower and today borrowed our land-lady's ride-on.  The house paddock is looking much tidier as a result of his efforts.

Tea is steadily munching in the front paddock - and today one of our land lady's bulls came to spend some time in our larger side paddock.   I'll have to take some photos of him.  He's not as large as Tea's Dad but he's still a very impressive fellow! 

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