Friday, 6 September 2013


Just before our December relocation to Victoria, a lovely friend and I enjoyed a "ladies day" outing. 

While poking around an op-shop I purchased a new pewter key-ring, which featured a superb fairy wren.

In funny co-incidence, one of the first things we noticed about Hamby Home(in)stead was the resident population of fairy wrens. 

When we arrived the male wren didn't look all that different to the females but for his bluish tail.  In the past couple of weeks though, the male has acquired his breeding plumage - and is now looking quite superb! 

He and his ladies check for insects in the sheltered area adjacent to our front door each morning.  They visit often through the day also.  We enjoy hearing their pretty song and if you click on the link (in the second paragraph), you can hear it too!

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