Saturday, 7 September 2013

(Sucking) On the Fence!

Nick tried something new when feeding Tea this evening.  Usually we enter the enclosure with her and sit on an upturned crate to hold her milk bucket. 

Tonight Nick stayed outside the enclosure and provided only minimal support to the bucket. 

The new approach worked well and Tea enjoyed the hands-free approach, cos it meant less interference when she wanted to slurp the last drips from the bottom of the bucket!
As usual, there was a bit of a wrestle to remove the bucket at the end of the feed. 

Our little cow wasn't very impressed by the confiscation and sucked vigorously on the fence to let us know.

Within moments though she had her head in the larger feed bin and was nosing through her hay, eating calf pellets.

Our landlady called round during the week and is happy with Tea's progress, estimating her weight at 200kg. 

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