Thursday, 12 September 2013

Movie-ing along ...

Prior to our relocation a regular school holiday activity was visiting the Heddon Greta Drive-in.  Although prices are charged per vehicle very few patrons actually sit in their car. 

We suffered a little from culture shock on our first visit. There were many people (including adults) roaming around in PJs and slippers. Bean bags were commonly used as outdoor seating. Some families lounged on mattresses.  We felt quite staid sitting in our car - in our normal clothes!

In time we got into the groove with the best of them - converting Elmer's rear into a snug lounge area.  Our thermal cooker held fried rice and chicken drumsticks or other easily eaten fare.  We brought popcorn, lollybags - and our thermoses for hot beverages.
The drive-in pricing was very budget-friendly - $50 for two movies, $70 for three and $90 for four.  I don't recall ever seeing four movies in a row but we would see three on occasion. 

My loose budget for my Hamby Home(in)stead cinema under the stars project is around the cost of a night at the drive-in. So far we're tracking OK. 

The seats were $30 and this week we scored a second-hand video projector for $52 - with 1300+ hours of lamp-life. It (and various gadgetry) comes in a wheeled hard-case and retailed at around $5K a bit over ten years ago.

We have speakers and an amp that may only require a low-cost repair. With luck our camping gazebo walls will do for a screen - stay tuned!

Just for the record, I didn't ever wear my PJs to the drive-in (and neither did anyone else in our family)!

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