Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lucky Find!

Although jade plants are a symbol of good fortune, I doubt the one at Hamby Home(in)stead had been feeling very lucky.  The ugly concrete pot that housed it was substantially cracked down one side - and the plant was looking decidedly cramped.

I've been pondering a low-cost solution for several months.  A replacement "pot" became available today during another of our dump-shop trips.  (We haven't been for a while and were greeted extra warmly on arrival)!

I was already eyeing off this plastic barrel, when Nick suggested it for the jade plant.  Done deal!  We brought home a lovely swag of loot - all for $25!  (The barrel was probably $5.00 of the total cost, if that).  I like the dump shop!

Bunnings had cheap potting mix, so we grabbed three bags, which was just enough to re-home the jade plant.  I've given it a big drink and am hoping it settles well into it's more generous accommodation! 

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