Monday, 30 September 2013

Dishin' the dirt!

Nick was paid a bonus over the weekend, which was well-deserved - and much appreciated. We've been putting some of the funds to good use.

The dump shop yielded excellent materials for our raised bed vegie garden (and fence) but we needed some new supplies from Bunnings also - so purchased those yesterday. Nick started construction when we got home.
We laid some mesh along the bottom of the bed and put a rough layer of rubble over that for drainage.

We had two cubic metres of dirt delivered this afternoon.  Actually it's not just dirt - it's "four-way mix", full of compost and various other good stuff.  It's sposed to be good for growing vegies, so hopefully it lives up to our expectations!

We left the chookies locked up till after the truck had left. Once released from their fort, they quickly came over to investigate our dirty deeds - but at least they didn't hinder our efforts too much!

There is more work to be done tomorrow, if the current rain clears. 

Once the bed is done, we can start building a fence around it - to protect our harvest from being prematurely harvested by chookies (or rabbits)!

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