Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bigger is better?!

As you can imagine we were super-impressed by the gigantic "Russian Garlic" at a recent farmers' market. We had to have one - and true to form, Vaughan selected the biggest available to bring home!

I've used some of the cloves since but wanted to try growing a couple.  The two pictured are smaller - that is only about 4-5cm wide and 6-7cm long!  I told you they were impressive!

So far all my pots have been made using a half-sheet of newspaper.  That size didn't give the garlic much room and I pondered what else I could use.  It took a while for inspiration to hit.  I was a bit frustrated with myself for not seeing the obvious solution earlier.  By folding a full newspaper sheet, I made a pot that was sized just right.  (Goldilocks would be pleased)!

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