Saturday, 24 August 2013

Something's rottin'!

The compost bins sit under our mulberry tree ...
Soon after moving into Hamby Home(in)stead we purchased a plastic compost bin.  It's lid fits snugly and is advertised as being insect-proof.  I have often noticed insects inside though, so praps they come in from the bottom?!

For some reason, I thought the bin was also supposed to be rodent-proof.  It isn't.  A family of mice live very well inside the rotting contents.  I'm sure they greatly appreciate the regular deposits!

I filled the purchased bin about a week or so ago. Since then I've improvised a second "bin". There was a broken bin left behind by a previous tenant. It's lid was intact so I've been using that on top of a segment of water barrel, purchased from the dump shop for $10.  Now that's a bargain!  (The base of the barrel is being used for Tea's food). Obviously this lid doesn't fit snugly but I haven't noticed any difference in the number of insects inside. I haven't noticed any resident mice either - and that's a good thing!

I've never made compost before, so will be interested to see how my first batch turns out - when it finishes rotting down!

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