Sunday, 25 August 2013

Divide and conquer?!

I crawled into bed last night, feeling very stiff and sore after my gardening exertions.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel too bad this morning.  Not jumping out of my skin but not hobbling around either!

After feeding Tea and the chookies, I stood to admire my handiwork from yesterday.  The pic at (bottom) right shows the far end of the garden bed I was working. 

Yep, it still needs lots of attention!

In the past, the plantings have been fairly ad hoc  - and rather than cut-back overgrowth, the garden edging was widened a few times, with the original rocks still in place!

I removed the big agapanthus clump from my front garden bed and saved a couple of plants to continue the border I started yesterday.  That left quite a few plants in need of a home. 

There was a patch behind Erin's caravan that needed cheering up, so I created a bed there. 

There had been jasmine growing along that lattice but it died off long before we arrived.  Obviously previous tenants were big fans of jasmine! 

I'm pretty impressed with what I've achieved so far.  Need to stir my sticks further though cos I still need to stick the hydrangea sticks into the soil!


  1. The Hamby Homestead is looking pretty flash this afternoon! Great work you.

  2. Well, that bit looks flash - actually a bit flasher cos I stuck some other things (technical gardening term) in between the aggies and sprinkled some Heartsease as well. It now has a concrete cat and a few stones as the start of a border. However, the front garden bed looks worse and my sticks still aren't stuck!