Friday, 24 May 2013

Swirly-Tea time ...

Vaughan decided on a name embellishment for his calf today.  She is now Swirly-Tea.  He has explained the change with a big grin - Tea for short (and Swirly for long)!

We have visited Tea (for short) each afternoon this past week, so Vaughan could be involved in preparing the milk and feeding her - as well as some washing-up afterwards.  The tasks will be more civilised once she is delivered to us tomorrow. 

We'll be able to mix her milk in the kitchen, carry it out to her yard and then do the washing up in the sink afterwards (with warm water).
At this stage she is feeding from a 2-litre bottle, not unlike that you might purchase from the supermarket. Tea's bottle has a teat though and a small air outlet valve near the handle.  She wraps her black/pink tongue around the teat and slurps enthusiastically.

From time to time Tea butts against the bottle, which initially shocked Vaughan.  He asked if mother cows had to put up with such antics - and was assured they received worse! 

As she drinks, Vaughan admires Swirly-Tea very closely and has even reported his observations of her nostrils!

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