Thursday, 23 May 2013

Swept off our feet?!

I have some good ideas - and then I get Nick to make them!

A previous tenant pulled up all the carpet in the house but for two bedrooms.  Given the cold temperatures, it seemed an odd choice.  However I am beginning to realise the decision may have been prompted by cleaning convenience. 

It's rained a few times since we moved in - and the mud moved in then also.

We do have a doormat but it isn't really up to the task of cleaning muck from treaded boots.  I suggested a boot scraper and Nick found one on eBay for $19.95.  Bunnings stocked a similarly-priced but inferior item when we checked yesterday - en route to the recycling (aka dump) shop. 

As we poked around the various "treasures", I spotted two industrial-length brush-heads.  We purchased them with some other good items, all for $10.  Nick cut the brushes in half today and mounted them onto some timber that was already here.  Works great - better than a bought one and it was cheaper too as the total cost was less than $5!

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