Saturday, 25 May 2013

She's here!

Vaughan came into our bed for a morning cuddle this morning.  He snuggled down and muttered happily "we're getting a cow today"!

After breakfast I reminded him that the calf wasn't due to arrive till much later in the afternoon - and he was distinctly unimpressed about that "not exciting" news! Of course he later regained his good humour (and excitement).

There was a flurry of activity this afternoon.  We weighed the special calf milk powder, measured water, found a suitable mixing container and set everything beside the calf pen. 
There was much excitement when Swirly-Tea arrived (by horse float) and was moved into her calf pen.

Once the milk was made up, Vaughan gave Tea her bottle. She is learning to drink milk from a bucket too, so we've had some quick instruction in order to continue her lessons! She drank a little from our "bucket" this afternoon before finishing her bottle eagerly.

Nick and Vaughan checked on Tea when the chookies were put to bed.  They shut the house paddock gate, as an extra level of caution - to guard against the unlikely event of our new baby escaping her pen overnight.

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