Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rambling road ...

It's about 5km from our house to Vaughan's school.  When he first enrolled (and we were still commuting from Kew), we would often see several sheep wandering by the roadside - and occasionally spotted them munching along a neighbour's driveway.

We have very recently learned those rogue/road sheep ate a large portion of our neighbour's silverbeet crop, before he packed the gluttons in a trailer and returned them to their owner! 

It may be the silverbeet incident prompted some fencing repairs and/or greater sheep supervision because the road has been largely sheep-free for at least a month.  The sheep are back though.  We can't be sure they are the same sheep as previously but for the past week or so we have regularly seen two or three browsing along the road edge.  They scramble back under the fence as soon as we slow down to take their photo - no doubt trying to look as if they have been in their paddock the whole time!

It's a bit of daily drama we enjoy seeing, along with the roadside rabbit and a large mob of kangaroos that live in the huge paddock opposite our driveway.  Of course, there are various cattle along the way also - and sheep that stay inside their fence (despite the grass being less green)!

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