Monday, 13 May 2013

Rainbow connection ...

Last week marked our five-month anniversary of arriving in Melbourne - and it has been two months since we moved into Hamby Home(in)stead. 

There have been many happy happenings during that time.  Not least was the sight (the day after our anniversary) of a perfect double rainbow arched over "our" paddocks!

And when I stayed in the right spot, it seemed both rainbows ended just at our house. How magic is that?!

Many years ago, I consulted a psychic. I don't remember all she said. The part I remember most was her drawing a card from the deck that showed a beautiful rainbow with children playing under it. The gist was that there would be many trials and tribulations but I would eventually get to such a place - and there would be much happiness ...


  1. Hello Mrs Happy Hamby
    I received your newsletter in today's mail and chuckled heartily as I read about what's news for ewes. I'm so happy for you and the family. It seems that this time you've found Valhalla. I certainly hope so cos you sound so blissfully happy.

    I can't believe that Vaughan is in year 2! Where have those years gone??

    I will continue to follow you on your blog. I've always enjoyed reading about your latest exploits. Never a dull moment in your world

    Best wishes to you and all. Love Lynne

  2. Thanks, Lynne - our world is certainly never boring but is significantly brighter/happier since moving South!

    The Young Master's 8 years have definitely sped along (though so have Miss Nissa's 18 and Miss Erin's soon-to-be 21) - we just we won't mention mine!!