Monday, 13 May 2013

Moo-ving along!

A while ago our landlady suggested Vaughan may like to raise a poddy calf.  She has had a couple of orphaned calves since but neither was suitable.  One was a boy and although the other was a girl, it's twin was male - and in those circumstances the female twin is often infertile.

It was looking as if we might make a trip to the calf market but an older (Belgian Blue) cow recently gave birth to twins. 

The mother had insufficient milk to care for two calves and after checking that both were girls, the more placid twin is set to become Vaughan's.

Nick is rostered off this week so started construction of a calf shelter today, using timber and corrugated iron that was already on site.  An enclosure will be the next mission. 

As soon as the calf's quarters are finished, she will be delivered to us - ready for Vaughan to take on the responsibility of bottle-feeding her a milk formula twice a day (and checking her poo to ensure she remains healthy)!

Vaughan volunteered to do his first-ever washing-up yesterday.  He said it would be good practice for when he was looking after his calf!

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