Friday, 3 May 2013

Holy Goat, they're good!

No kidding!  We purchased two Holy Goat cheeses from the Lancefield Farmers' Market last Saturday, namely the veloute log and pandora. 

I had already purchased both a blue and triple cream brie from Aldi, so served a selection of all four tonight - by the fire, to celebrate Friday night and Nick being home for the weekend. 

We had sampled the Holy Goat cheeses prior to purchase, so knew they were lovely but they tasted even better this evening.  Our platter included slivers of pear, onion confit, savoury fig jam and fig paste.  The onion confit has been a firm favourite for several years but it was the first time we had tested my fig paste - and it was good!  I was quite chuffed with myself!

(When Tanya visited at Easter she bought some me several bottles of cider and I still had a choice of two tonight, to share with Nick.  I decided on the pear variety and it was very pleasant with the cheeses). 

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