Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday afternoon delight!

Unfortunately delivery of Vaughan's calf has been delayed till Monday afternoon, so we visited her today instead. 

She was skittish but came over to suck Vaughan's fingers.  He was a bit grossed out by the calf-slobber so wiped the excess onto his pants - and promptly changed clothes as soon as we returned home!

There were many giggles as Vaughan fed his calf her second bottle of milk.  She feeds twice a day, receiving three litres each time - and when she lives with us, Vaughan will be responsible for each of those feeds.


  1. OMG she is so pretty!!! Does she have a name yet?

  2. She was lovely - all black except for a few bits of white on her belly (and her milky moustache)! Vaughan is pondering a name. I hope he comes up with something good, given all the thought that's going into the choice!

  3. Might I suggest he avoids names like "Medium rare" and "Lunch". I bet he comes up with something wonderful!