Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chookas to the chookies!

The girls have done it - laid their 100th egg!  I thought they may have achieved the milestone yesterday but their productivity is definitely dropping as the weather cools. 

We received 20 eggs the first and second weeks after the girls arrived. The tally dropped to 19 for their third week and then 14 the week after. Last week's total was 15. We've received 12 eggs so far this week. Depending on tomorrow's gifts the overall count may increase but it is unlikely to be more than 15 (and probably 13 or 14 is more likely).

It was so windy yesterday that Nick constructed a small windbreak to shelter one corner of the fort.  I told Vaughan about it when I collected him from school.  He asked in all seriousness whether it was to stop the girls being blown away!

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