Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Calf chalet completed!

Nick has finished construction of the calf chalet.  The shelter is partially lined and an old door has been utilised to provide some extra wind protection - prompted by today's icy breeze!

When we moved in there was a play-pen like structure surrounding the combustion fire (as the previous tenants had three small children).  We had no need of the fire-fence but it works wonderfully as a gate to the calf's enclosure. 

Vaughan returned from school this afternoon and was quite impressed with progress.  He has since helped Nick to fit the front door better.   (It is definitely much warmer inside the shelter than out)!

All is now on track for the calf's arrival on Friday afternoon! 

She will be keen for her evening meal so will be fed after being settled into her quarters - as a demonstration to us and a "welcome home" for her.

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