Saturday, 27 April 2013

Things that go chomp in the night!

On our first morning here, Vaughan and I lay in bed and watched a mouse zip out from an overgrown garden bed and run past the window.  He/she was cute - not least because of being on the right side (i.e. the out-side) of the glass! 

We hired cleaners to help prepare the house for our arrival.  They explained that the pieces of metal scouring pad poked into the brickwork at various points were to deter mice from entering the house through small cracks. 

Obviously rats and mice have found alternative routes inside as we have become increasingly aware of their chomping and scurrying through the night.  I was woken very recently because the gnawing noise was so loud!  We all had a look in the roof cavity this afternoon.  There is much evidence of both rats and mice - and of previous efforts to eradicate them.  We also found a stuffed lion toy and a cobweb broom?!

Nick has been planning a trap the past few days.  One of Vaughan's bug-boxes has been converted, using wire and some pipe that was lying around.  A generous serving of peanut butter has been placed inside and the trap installed in the roof.  Vaughan thought the rodents would appreciate some bread as well but Nick veto-ed that idea.  (Suggestions of tea, orange juice and other beverages were similarly dismissed)!

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