Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Princess pampering ...

Something ailed Princess Fiona yesterday.  She was fine when Vaughan let her (and her subjects) out of their bedchamber first thing in the morning. 

However when the royal entourage were relocated to their new quarters, we noticed Her Royal Highness was limping. 

No-one was quite sure what happened - and no, we didn't drop the chook castle on her toe!  There didn't seem much we could do, other than keep her quiet and she was doing a good job of that herself.  Much later in the day though, her condition had worsened and she wasn't standing at all.  Unfortunately, some of the other chooks were picking/pecking on her.  In the circumstances, Erin made a temporary box-bed and brought the Princess inside. 

Dr Google was consulted.  The mood was subdued and there was much worrying by all.  One possibility was that the Princess could be egg-bound.  In those circumstances a warm bath was recommended (and it seemed a bath might help even if the problem was something along the lines of a muscle strain).  Of course, drawing a chook bath was far preferable to massaging her egg-producing parts! 

Princess Fiona seemed happy enough in the laundry tub.  She was wrapped snugly in a towel afterward and spent some time on Erin's lap before being transferred to her box-bed and tucked up warmly in Erin's caravan (with heater running overnight).  Her Royal Highness has not yet made a full recovery but she is chirpier and has been returned to her subjects, under supervision.

If crickets are the cure, she will be restored to good health post-haste - thanks to Vaughan's continued foraging!

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