Monday, 8 April 2013

Oh, I'm good!

I've been eyeing off "our" fig tree ever since I spotted it during a preliminary inspection of this property. After moving in, I checked the figs daily rather like the witch checking Hansel and Gretel's plumpness!

Seemingly watched figs take as long to ripen as watched kettles need to boil, so after a while I found other amusements. We discovered ripe figs on Good Friday - and baked them as a special dessert.  They looked lovely but I wasn't sure I liked them.

My original plan had been to make fig jam. I had just enough figs on Friday to make a half-batch of a savoury(ish) version which also used some of our home-grown rosemary.

We've tested it since with roast chicken and corned beef, which were both quite tasty. Today's combination was the winner though - Aldi brie cheeses (blue and triple cream) on crackers with a dab of fig jam on top!

Mmmmm, splendid!

I made another batch of fig jam on Saturday, using a traditional sweet recipe.  The colour is clearer and the jars look great but we are yet to sample the finished product.  I need to make some scones and do a proper taste-test! 

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