Saturday, 20 April 2013

Good Apples!

I pick figs a few at a time, until I have enough to make fig jam (or paste). It seems if I wait too long, the birds get a good feed - and I get nothing!

Harvesting our apples last weekend was a very different affair. The decision was spontaneous, prompted by an observation that the apples looked ripe - and a quick taste-test to confirm. Vaughan climbed up to pick some but Nick used a rake to shake the tree very enthusiastically - and apples rained down. There were so many, it was amazing!

I had thought we might have half-filled one of my green laundry baskets. As it happened, there were enough apples to nearly fill three of those baskets (with more fruit still on the tree). We later used our bathroom scales and the bounty weighed-in at almost 40kg! Not bad for our first haul!

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