Friday, 19 April 2013

Fig paste!

Soon after publishing my last post, our laptop developed a rather frustrating glitch.  The solution was beyond our DIY efforts, so professional assistance was sought - and even they took a week to solve the issue. 

During my enforced (virtually) technology-free state, I distracted myself with some domestic goddessing!  I had beaten the birds to a kilo of figs and decided to branch out into fig paste production, which was definitely entertaining.

The blended fig mix initially looked rather kakky but transformed during cooking to a much clearer, prettier colour and suitably thick texture.  Although the recipe called for ramekin dishes I don't have any, so used a set of mini cups instead.  As instructed, I left the paste to set overnight and the resultant rounded mounds were quite pleasing when I unmoulded them the next morning. 

Aesthetics aside, the mini-cup mounds seemed far too generous a serve and we halved each - giving 10 quantities in total.   The recipe advised storing in the fridge, wrapped tightly in plastic film but we went a step further and used our vacuum sealer instead.  To facilitate the vacuum process, each half was halved again and then packed together in longer, bon-bon shapes.  The packs looked very professional when completed!  (I've already given one away and hope to hear good reports in due course).

I haven't properly costed the batch.  Of course, the figs were free and the only other ingredients were sugar (about 50c worth) and a very small amount of jam setting agent (cos the recipe stated it was necessary).  It really wasn't any trickier to make than jam and I do wonder at the high price tag for similar items in the deli section at the supermarket. 

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