Monday, 8 April 2013

Feathering the fort!

Nick finished the Fox-proof Fowl Fort (FpFF) last night - and we moved our chookies in this morning.  The girls were caught and cuddled across to their new enclosure but we used my garden trolley to shift their coop. 

Typically, in spite of all the new space available for them, they wanted to be right under their house when it was being off-loaded!

I doubt the girls are too worried by aesthetics but some further fort improvements are planned (and perhaps other modifications may become necessary also).  Even as a prototype the FpFF is a vast improvement over chicken wire and star pickets - though hopefully the fox won't be cheering our construction efforts! 

Unfortunately, more fox poo has been identified (some on Erin's doorstep - eeeww!), so we know at least one fox is prowling around and watching our endeavours.  Nick and Vaughan went spotlighting last night and spotted two sets of eye-shine, so we may have two foxes to contend with.  This knowledge prompted placing the fort so that it can be clearly seen from the kitchen and dining areas of the house. 

As to the chicken coop, that has been located pretty much in the middle of the fort, where it looks somewhat ... small!

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  1. Well I hope the girls are safe and sound in the Taj Mahal of Chook pens!