Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Eggs!

We've had a lovely Easter.  So many good things happened, including Vaughan's 8th birthday on Easter Sunday.  One of his big sisters arrived on Good Friday for an impromptu Easter/Birthday visit - the same day that we received four eggs from our chookies (for the first time ever)!  They laid another four today (Easter Monday) on the anniversary of their arrival, so there has been speculation that they were getting into the Easter spirit - or that the failed hot cross buns really agreed with them!
Our chookies laid 20 eggs during their first week with us - a very impressive effort, indeed! We ate some of their eggs yesterday for our breakfast - carefully coloured by way of a special morning science experiment in celebration of Easter and Vaughan's birthday.  (You can see how yellow the yolks are in the pic at right).

Vaughan checks for eggs at least several times a day.  He discovered some extra-special eggs yesterday morning - it seems the Easter Bunny has a sense of humour!

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