Sunday, 21 April 2013

A few sour words ...

I first watched this video nearly a year ago but had been interested in bread-making long before that.   I do make bread but to date my efforts have used dry yeast and generally the dough is mixed in my bargain breadmaker (bought second-hand from eBay for just $10.00). 

Yesterday we visited the Riddells Creek Farmers Market.  As well as our fresh produce acquisitions we purchased a loaf of organic, wood-fired sourdough bread. 

It was a nice loaf - but I've baked bread that I've enjoyed just as much, if not more.  That realisation had me thinking that I really should start the sourdough starter that has been on my agenda for far too many months!  I enlisted Vaughan's aid and we now have our starter (or "mother" as he calls it) doing it's thing quietly in a warm corner of the lounge room.  Hopefully we'll see signs of "life" soon!


  1. Great read. Sourdough hey Farmer Hamby! Good on you! The Tartine video was brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Nammo! I watched the Tartine video several times when I first saw it, just loved the image of him tucking all the loaves up - like swaddling babies! I was re-inspired when I watched it again today ...