Tuesday, 23 April 2013

50kg weigh-in!

I've been cutting, peeling and cooking many, many apples.  I worked for at least a couple of hours this morning, long enough that my knife-hand was beginning to cramp. 

I wasn't really timing the exercise but took several large bowls of peelings etc to our compost bin.  The resident mice will be apple-flavoured for sure, if ever Oscar gets to them!  (That's another story).

Our first apple haul was close to 40kg.  I had processed around 10kg of those when Nick and Vaughan shook the tree again over the weekend and brought in another (replacement?!) 10kg.    That's 50kg in total - amazing!  Nick has been taking an apple with him to work and we weighed one, just for fun - it was 100g.  By our rough calculations that is at least 500 apples from our tree.  In reality there were probably a lot more than that cos they came in all sizes, including small.  At first we lamented the loss of the fruit from the other tree but 100kg of apples may have been just too much bounty!

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  1. What a joyous bounty! Enjoy every ounce of this apple fest!