Monday, 11 March 2013

Sheepish Talk!

Rumour has it that when the March rains come, the paddocks will turn green.  We are not yet convinced.  In fact, there has been talk the house pic (at left) that featured on the real estate site was in fact photoshopped to make the grass green.

All that aside, when the grass grows it will need to be shortened - either with a (ride-on) mower or by some newly acquired livestock.  For the past few weeks, we have been discussing what particular breeds might be suitable.

Nick has been doing some research.  There was much giggling this evening as seemingly we can purchase a "Dorper starter pack".  These are the sheep that don't require shearing, as their wool falls off naturally.  In fact, some wear specially designed "fleece retention nets"!  Too funny!

Another listing is for Suffolk sheep - ie. the Shaun the Sheep variety.  They are particularly bred for their tasty meat (among other admirable traits).  Erin was horrified.  "You can't eat cute sheep!" 

Obviously stocking the paddocks might take a while - financial considerations aside.  Our research continues.  We need non-cute sheep. 


  1. You need to buy ugly sheep in vests???? LOVE IT!!!

    Consider goats instead! I can see you milking goats and making cheese.

  2. Daggy sheep need apply. Well, not literally! Funny you mention cheese-making. Milking sheep was mentioned this evening, which caused even more hilarity. Tis a funny business, for sure! ;)