Friday, 8 March 2013

Questing away from Kew ...

The dawn of new adventures ...
From 6 December to 6 March our "home" was apartment 36 at Quest Kew.  As well as four-star serviced accommodation, we enjoyed daily spoiling at the nearby QPO Restaurant - all courtesy of Nick's relocation benefits package. 

Obviously it was a very indulgent interlude and one that will be long remembered in our Hamby family history!

We checked out very early on Wednesday morning, before undertaking our last commute to our new home - and rejoining the real world!  It's a very nice corner of the world where we are, quite peaceful after our stint of inner-city living.  We dined al fresco on our first night, looking across the paddocks to admire the changing colours of the sky as the sun set, while listening to the sounds of the evening.

Erin awoke on our first morning to the sound of a willy wagtail chattering atop her caravan.  At around the same time Vaughan and I lay in bed watching a small mouse in the garden outside my bedroom window.  Little wrens often hop along the path near the windows and I've seen one or two rabbits quite close to the house also. 

It's not four-star camping but it is definitely a Hamby Home(in)stead!

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