Wednesday, 6 February 2013

She'll be apples (and peaches, pears and figs)!

We've had a huge week - and it's only Wednesday!

After all my financial wizardry on Monday, Vaughan's dental operation yesterday was quite successful. Some of the expected work was not necessary, which obviously was a much better outcome for our boy (and our bank balance).

He is recovering well and quite keen to show of his new "armour-plated", "Jack Sparrow" teeth!

In normal circumstances we may have achieved some "school" today (Vaughan is still enrolled with Sydney School of Distance Education) but instead Nick and I walked up to our local post office first this morning to obtain our money orders for bond and one month's rent. There were a few moments of angst when the postal worker suggested there may be a daily account limit for such transactions but all processed smoothly and we headed out of the city shortly afterward.

After signing the lease, Nick sought permission to go onto the property and walk around to establish the best position for a storage container. He has been making enquiries about hiring one but they can be delivered in a few different ways (which impacts on cost), depending where on the site you want them - so the walk-around was good for sorting that out.

While Nick was pondering possible locations, the rest of us were walking around - counting fruit tree varieties and just breathing deeply of the country air, which smelled wonderful!

We had previously spotted several apple trees, a couple of pear trees and perhaps a peach/nectarine. Vaughan is particularly chuffed with today's discovery of a mulberry tree - because one of his friends gave him a collection of silk worm eggs prior to our departure from Summerland Point!

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