Wednesday, 20 February 2013

(en)rolling along ...

Scenes from Vaughan's year of Distance Education
We collect the keys for our new home/life on Thursday.  It will also be Vaughan's first day at his new school.  He has already had a sneak preview because we visited briefly on the pupil-free first day of term, just after our initial inspection of the house.

I'm not sure what appealed the most, the small-size school, the three resident cats or the classroom axolotls and fish! 

In any case while all family members waited impatiently for news of our rental application, Vaughan was just as keen to hear whether we "got the school", so there were beaming grins all round when both verdicts were positive.  Given his excitement over "getting" the local small school, we are hopeful our Young Master re-joins the classroom in super-smooth fashion.

It is fair to say his previous traditional school experience was not positive.  As a result, throughout the greater part of 2012, Vaughan studied at home under my supervision.  We had already been doing "School of Hamby" for several months when our enrolment with Sydney Distance Education Primary School was effected in May.

Some of Vaughan's "expressive, original artworks"!
Our work-sets were delivered by post, with support documents on flash drive.  Vaughan's teacher was always on hand for guidance and we looked forward to receiving his comments (and cartoons!) on marked work.

Being Vaughan's supervisor this past year has been an interesting learning experience.  There were many highlights, which included being VIP guests at the special Book Week author presentations hosted by Lake Macquarie and Newcastle libraries.  

We definitely appreciated being able to augment the formal curriculum with frequent "excursions" to a number of wildlife parks and zoos as well as the Australian Museum. 

Distance education definitely agreed with Vaughan.  He received a number of merit certificates throughout 2012 - as well as a Principal's Award for his wonderful collage picture book, "The Sleepy Swamp Turtle".   His end-of-year report was "highly satisfactory" with "high achievement" in both English and Mathematics - and many positive comments for his other subjects.  As a parent it was heartening to read of his progress as a "motivated learner" and know that my supervisory efforts had contributed to his excellent results.

As much we have largely enjoyed "School of Hamby" together, it is time for Vaughan to (en)roll along and rejoin the traditional classroom.  Fingers crossed the "getting" is good!


  1. It is wonderful to hear Vaughan is excited about his return to "traditional schooling", but I am sure when he looks back on 10, 20 or 30 years time, he will remember his best schooling days were those of Distance Education.

    You can be sure he will remember his teachers name at the very least!!!

  2. Thanks, Nammo - Tis a running joke here that when it was suggested (in the very early days) he call me something other than "Mum", his first choice was "Hamby"!!

    He often claims I am the "best mother in the world" and at times would offer similar praise for my teaching efforts, though also commented fairly recently (and rather cheekily) that "I wasn't too screamy"!