Monday, 11 February 2013

Caravan capers!

Caravan front  (interior views)
Last week was definitely a big one - as well as Vaughan's dental operation on Monday and signing the lease for our new home on Tuesday, we bought a caravan yesterday! 

The van is unregistered, which isn't an issue as we don't intend to use it for touring - well, not yet anyway (though we are tempted)!  For now, we'll stick to our original plan of using it to create an instant house extension for Erin.

In case you might be thinking we flaunted the rules by towing the van without registration, we purchased a permit from VicRoads (for the bargain price of $21.30) which grants us permission to tow all round the countryside for the next month!

Caravan rear (interior views)
We are well pleased with our purchase.

The caravan is perfectly serviceable as is but will be given a mini-makeover with new curtains and upholstery, when we get a chance to measure up and purchase suitable fabric (or praps raid my stash once our stored stuff arrives on site)!

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