When I started my first blog "Happy Hamby Campers" in 2010, my intention was to document our various camping adventures. Over time the scope has widened to include camping preparations, camp oven and/or thermal cooking experiments, geocaching/bushwalking expeditions and other outdoor exploits.

Obviously we are not always out and about, much of the time we are at home instead /"Home(in)stead" - and so a second blog was started in 2013, prompted by our move to Victoria and our life on a 5-acre property. During our 2.5 years there we raised a calf, adopted chookies, built a vegie garden and generally dabbled in semi self-sufficiency.

There was a cross-over from from September 2015 to February 2017. We left the property and used our small caravan as a base, while actively seeking an interstate relocation further North. It wasn't really camping - but we didn't have a home(in)stead, so I continued to post on Happy Hamby Campers during that period.

In February 2017 we (finally) relocated from Victoria to Queensland (about 700km North of our original New South Wales location and 1,700km from where we lived in Victoria). We are quite near to Brisbane and are enjoying exploring our new state.

We've recently celebrated our first anniversary as QLDers and after a long break, I've decided to start posting again on Hamby Home(in)stead.


  1. Can't wait to read more and more of your capers!

  2. Thanks, Nammo - I'm definitely hoping for some comedy capers! ;)