Saturday, 15 August 2015

Strap in for the ride!

Erin and I were out this morning. We came home to more of Nick's good work (larger pic in the top collage).

We admired his fine efforts, then all headed into Bunnings for extra supplies and some research .  Of course, we consumed a few fund-raiser sausage sandwiches while there - just to help out!

Although we bought a few specialised moving boxes at the end of 2012, we generally use free resources.

We've scored some excellent boxes this move.  One lady gifted a huge box of white packing paper (which is a definite step-up from newspaper) - as well as wardrobe boxes!  How flash is that?!

We have a stack of newspaper also. Vaughan's teacher subscribed to one of the newspapers due to a special promotion. Rather than get issues per classroom, she received enough papers for every student!  It's not a big school but even so, there were many more newspapers than expected!  Bonus for us (because there are no local papers delivered here)!

I discovered last night that Bunnings have a range of moving/packing supplies.  The store we visited had a few other items not listed on the website. They were heavily discounted but even so, not much use to us.  I bought mattress covers though.  Naomi mentioned them the other day and I thought it might be novel to try some!  There were also pre-cut "moving blankets" but ours are of higher quality felt and only cost a few dollars more per similar size.

Nick selected some tie-down straps and priced sheets of structual ply.  Once the current packed section is complete, it will be secured in place with a "baffle" of the ply, firmly strapped using the tie-down points at the top and bottom of the container.  That's a mission for tomorrow!

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