Thursday, 13 August 2015

Keeping score ...

We made significant progress today - hooray for us!  Moving our beautiful stump table was just the start of the day's achievements.

Nick dismantled a large desk and carted it's parts to the container. Erin set about wheeling boxes from the house, using the trolley.  She started with one and worked her way up to groups of three or four!

Once in the container, the boxes were grouped into "heavy" or "light" sections.  By the end of the day there were quite sizeable collections in each area.

Our packed box tally currently stands at 57, versus 37 donated to our local op-shops. (We've donated a lot more than that, via FreeCycle/FaceBook).

A lady collected 12 empty foam boxes today.  She managed to fit them in her car, along the back seat with a couple strapped into the front passenger seat!

I mentioned that at the end of 2012 we had 50 foam boxes (as well as many other varieties). 

All our culling has meant that 20 empty foam boxes have been given away!  But wait, there's more - or less, as the case (er, box) may be!  

Another 9 boxes have been given away, filled with various donations. 

That's right, I now have just 21 foam boxes - and may be able to reduce those even further! That score definitely warms my heart, even if Bandit might be a bit cooler in his sleeping chair!  


  1. Gosh it must still be chilly with Erin labouring and still in long sleeves and beanie!!! Family Hamby are killing this packing malarkey!!!

    1. We're definitely not living in the tropics! The mercury has climbed today. Tis now just under 15 degrees, which is almost a heatwave!