Sunday, 16 August 2015


Nick and I packed more boxes last night - and still needed extras this morning to finish the first container section.

We were up early and had achieved a lot before taking a break and heading back into Bunnings.  After eating more sausage sangas (this time helping the CWA coffers), Nick and Vaughan were in charge of plywood selection.

Erin and I scored a bargain small heater (for the caravan) and a plastic box to house important documents while we are in transit.

Given the current state of chaos, I'll start filling the (brightly coloured) box with anything we might need easily over the next fortnight.

We met at the workshop area.  The ply sheets were a smidge too tall for the container, so we watched a very nice man trim them to size.

Once home again, Nick overlapped two sheets and enlisted Erin's aid to hold them steady while they were bolted along the join.  The "baffle" was tied down firmly - and now we are ready for the next section.

Nick has already started moving the first of the next items in.  The lounge and our beds are tagged for inclusion.

We've already started using our camping kit in the kitchen but now we'll be sleeping on our camp stretchers and using our camp chairs too.

It's been a big day.  As well as assisting the container packing, I've prepared Vaughan's clothing for a school camp - and tried to keep other household tasks semi-controlled.

We're going to indulge in some Chinese takeaway tonight.  I reckon we deserve it!


  1. WOW! I never knew containers need baffles. It's logical now I see it. Fantastic work Family Hamby!

    1. I found it hard to visualise when Nick explained the concept. I got the partition bit but still expected there would be movement within. Seeing everything so tightly wedged has restored my faith in the plan!