Tuesday, 14 July 2015

No drooling!

Nick and I are very chuffed with all we managed to achieve today - particularly as it was quite cold outside.

Erin's van has been moved onto firmer ground, ready for it's final clean and photo session.  That was a major mission and Nick did wonderful work, in spite of a few hiccups.

The largest pic shows the storage container this morning.  Compare that view against the pic at top right, which was that state of things in March 2013 after our belongings arrived from storage.  The two smaller pics are of our 50 foam boxes in storage at the end of 2012.  Nick brought 25 of those boxes into the house today and by the end of the day I had culled them heavily.  I have seven empty boxes.  Three are filled with op-shop donations, set for delivery tomorrow.  One is full of recycling.  Another is holding some of the rubbish (four large garbage bags in total).

Three boxes are packed and the rest require further consolidation.  Generally they are being used to hold sorted paperwork, so are not very full.  I'm very pleased with progress and for the most part enjoyed poking through and rediscovering all kinds of stuff.

What did I find?  Old cards and letters, examples of my schoolwork from early primary days (including artwork displayed by the NSW Correspondence School and Katherine School of the Air),   certificates from my Rural Youth stint ...  Lots and lots of memories.  One of the highlights was the house rules Erin, Nissa and I created many years back.  "No drooling on the table" is listed.  I can't recall drooling being a problem before the house rules came into effect but obviously someone thought it was important enough to have in writing!

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