Saturday, 25 July 2015

Cheap rent!

One of our first missions prior to moving here was to buy a caravan for Erin - it was an instant (and cheap) house extension!

I think Erin enjoyed having her separate living quarters, though does appreciate the far warmer temperatures inside our house.  It seems she uses far less bedding since moving back in with us!

We've been clearing and cleaning the van these past couple of weeks.

I listed it for sale on two FaceBook pages on Thursday, where it received considerable interest.  One couple were set to view it on Friday morning but canceled two hours after making the appointment.

Another lady messaged yesterday and organised to view the van today.

She and her husband arrived on time and were obviously happy with their inspection.

They chatted for a while, left a deposit, took the previous VicRoads permit to arrange an updated one and will finalise their purchase soon - hooray! I love it when a plan comes together!

When advertising the van, I thought to allow some room for price negotiation. The agreed value means that we've paid around 50c/day for using the van during the time we've owned it. How good is that?!

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