Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Awesome jam!

I was on a jam-making mission today - and am very pleased with the end result! 

Nick and I had weighed our blackberries last night.  We packed three one-kilo lots into plastic containers.  They stayed in the fridge overnight. 

(There is a smaller container of around 800 grams, still in the fridge, which will be used for dessert tonight).

After dropping Vaughan to school, I washed the berries and put them into one of my largest saucepans (which was actually one of my large thermal cooker pots). 

Given the quantity I wanted to process, I decided to make jam on the stove rather than in the microwave.

Nick made a quick trip into town and returned with more sugar and lemons (as well as bread and milk).

I was set for production!  I used 750 grams of sugar for each kilo of berries.  As I had four lemons, I juiced them and also included some lemon zest.  The mixture did it's thing for quite some time.  I wasn't really timing the exercise, just checking back and stirring regularly.  It looked so pretty bubbling away!

Nick has declared this batch of jam awesome - and we all agree that it is even better than the first one of a fortnight or so ago.  Gotta be happy with that!

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