Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bright idea!

Our insulation efforts are proving very effective - and we certainly notice a difference if venturing from any of the front areas to the smallest room in the house!

There was no toilet window curtain when we moved in.  I found an odd double-layer lace item at an op-shop.  It may have been a dressing table skirt.

Whatever it's previous use, the length of lace was cheap at a dollar and till now has afforded good privacy. Of course, lace doesn't offer any insulation in winter! I found a warmer window covering today in the form of a small, lighter-weight quilt. I hung it over the curtain rod, then folded the edges under (to adjust the width) and pinned them in place.

The bright colours prompted a mini makeover, which included hanging some more of Vaughan's artwork.  I found a new tapestry frame at an op-shop today.  It was $5.00 (though still had it's ancient $25.00 original price tag).  Seemingly tapestry frames don't have glass, which I didn't notice till I unwrapped the packaging at home. Oh, well - I'm sure Vaughan's ladybugs don't mind!

The ladybugs and frog mask have been hung opposite the now-quilted window. I've had the frog prints for many years.  They were my two favourites from an old calendar, so I had them professionally framed, way back in 1997 - and yes, I still like them!

I'm hoping the window quilt causes a dramatic improvement to the temperature of the room.  Fingers crossed for frog-tastic results!

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