Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thick soup!

It was 5 degrees at 7:00am this morning.  I expect it was colder prior to then as there was ice on the cars. 

Nick stirred the fire and Vaughan just about sat on the wood heater while he was getting dressed and having breakfast! 

Oscar was still tucked in bed, otherwise there may have been competition for the fireside spot!

I've been catching up on the washing and poking through the unpacking.  It's hard to see any progress, quite possibly because there hasn't been much!  However, I made a large batch of thick soup, similar to this one (though I cooked it in a cast iron pot on the stove as my thermal cookers are still packed, tied securely on top of the trailer)!  I used the last of the Cunnamulla pumpkin and a few other opened packets that we brought home from our extended holiday. 

Erin and I had large bowls of soup for lunch (with leftover mountain bread) and I've frozen a few individual serves also.  It's pretty good soup!

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