Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pasting the paste!

When I checked my fig paste yesterday, it hadn't set as expected, which was obviously disappointing.

I'd viewed several quince paste recipes where the paste is rested overnight, then placed in the oven on it's lowest setting. 

Quite a few hours of extra drying time still hadn't had the desired effect, so I scooped the "paste" back into a saucepan with the remaining pectin.  I stirred the mixture over a low heat for around an hour and was much happier with the resultant texture, so divided it between my two moulds.

I prepared the moulds a little differently this time, laying a long sheet of baking paper inside to ease the removal of the finished paste.  The paste was again covered and left overnight.  It was very easy to remove this morning - hooray!

I'm quite chuffed with how the paste turned out and have just finished packing 16 generous portions, using my vacuum sealer.  Now we just need some cheese!

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