Saturday, 17 May 2014

Friday feast!

We celebrated Friday yesterday, visiting the ducks and geese after school.  We took chook pellets and a quick afternoon tea picnic. 

The ducks weren't keen to get out of the water but the geese came to peck for pellets near our table.  A few moorhens tried them also.

Once home again we settled in to watch some River Cottage Australia episodes with Nick, who had missed several due to working night-shift.  Nissa gave me the (series 1) DVD for Mothers Day and I've watched most episodes twice already!  I took a break from watching to plate-up mini cheese platters for us all.  One of the main aims was to test my fig paste and I was very chuffed with the end result.  Erin declared it "awesome" - and I reckon she is right!

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