Saturday, 15 February 2014

Our fine-feathered friends!

The chookies have been given some bling!  ID anklets to be precise - sort of a spring-ring that isn't too tight on their legs.  They'll be having a holiday soon and we didn't want to bring home the wrong girls at the end of their stay! 

Seemingly our landlady will spray their tails also, as extra identification - so Judge Judy and Jo will have very fancy (blue) feathers!  The spring-rings came from a local produce store.  They were available in a few different colours and had we known about the spray-painting, we may well have chosen blue rings instead of red.  I don't think the girls are overly worried about colour co-ordination though and it may be they look very funky with their red/blue finery!  I'll do my best to get some photographic evidence!

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