Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mind your Ps and ?s

I'm quite chuffed with my efforts today. I made over two dozen little newspaper pots and planted 42 in total - as well as six toilet rolls! The peas are in the toilet rolls. It seemed (in)appropriate!

What else did I plant?  Well, there were the P1, P2 and P3 pumpkins.  I saved the seeds a while back but neglected to label them, hence the Play School style numbering!
I planted tomatoes, zucchini, two varieties of sweet corn, some purple carrots and possibly two types of capsicum.  I say possibly because I also saved capsicum seeds earlier in the year.  Or praps they were chilli seeds.  Yep another mystery, hence the question mark!

The potting mix was in the storage container and the seeds were either saved or left-over from previous gardening attempts.  The seedling trays were another find at the dump shop yesterday.  They were not costed separately but rather included as a bonus, given our other purchases.  I do like the dump shop!  (I also found some plastic pot saucers that should work as compost bin lids).

For beginner gardeners such as myself, Gardenate is a fabulous resource.  The site provides planting guidance for various climate zones - in Australia and around the world.  I've been signed up to their email reminder service for longer than I'll admit to - but am finally acting on the site's advice!

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