Sunday, 24 March 2013

CERESly Fun!

Yesterday we visited CERES Harvest Festival - such a neat event!  Although our original plan was to spend an hour or so there in the morning and then return later in the day, Saturday city traffic caused some rescheduling. 

By the time our other missions were accomplished and we arrived at CERES Community Environment Park, the free workshops had ended.  Some of the stalls were starting to pack up but even so, there was still plenty to see - and we thoroughly enjoyed looking!

While Erin and I selected some golden carrots (which are yellow, not orange!), Vaughan was very happily feeding honeydew melon to the resident chooks.  A little further along the path, we chatted to a bee-keeper about the life-cycle of bees.  He suggested if we want to keep bees ourselves, it would be best to wait till spring to start the endeavour - as by then the bees would be busy and therefore less interested in us (ie more manageable). 

Vaughan was quite keen to spot the queen bee, which he did without assistance.  Seemingly that particular queen was fairly cranky as were her daughters - though other queens are more sweet-natured.  Interesting stuff!  We purchased a small jar of lovely clear honey, extracted at 11am the previous day.  (Vaughan was keen to know how "fresh" it was)!

We are yet to sample the honey but the golden carrots were part of last night's menu - and now on the list of vegetables that we want to grow ourselves!

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  1. Another great read! The move south has brought you so many new interests. Keep the posts coming!