Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our Riverless Cottage!

5 acres of potential!
Vaughan and I have been watching a lot of "The River Cottage" series lately.

It is a sign of Hugh's influence that our vegie-phobic Young Master actually sampled a spoonful of miso soup (before rejecting it) and ate half a snow pea last week!

I know.  It isn't much.  But it's definitely a tiny dint in his "nothing green" philosophy. 

I'm hoping that if Vaughan becomes my gardening assistant, he will be tempted to try the fruits (and vegetables) of our labours.  Of course, I have fingers crossed that our efforts actually produce edible temptations!  I am a very good armchair gardener and have enjoyed watching Gardening Australia and similar programs over the years.  However, my practical gardening experience is fairly modest.  In the past I have successfully grown cherry tomatoes and various herbs - in pots, about 1000km further north in a different climate-zone. 

Although there are a number of fruit trees growing near the house, I'm not sure there has previously been a vegie garden.  If there was at some stage, it is long gone.  We will be starting from scratch - and actually starting will be one of the most important steps. 

We pick up the keys to our new home on Thursday.  Meanwhile I am researching gardening methods and possibilities - and telling myself that gardening isn't rocket science (unless we decide to plant rocket)! 

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